Karl Artmann


/ Working in the Spaces in Between

I love it to think and work in the spaces in between design and technology.

/ Webdesign and Photography

My actual working area is creating websites and beeing a photographer for small and middle companies, for artists and creative people. The websites I create are responsive.

I develop them in an agile proces together with my customers. All what my customers need is self consciousness.

Similar to the slogan George Eastman used for Kodak in 1888 I can say "You press the buttons, I do the rest".

/ My Start into the World Wide Web

My first computer was a ZX80 which I got from my uncle in the year 1980. My uncle assembled the Z80 kit by himself and I was proud of having a 16 KB memory extension.

I studied computer science at the JKU - Johannes Kepler University in Linz. I passed a lot of lectures in physics. After my study I started working as a research assistant on the RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation) and continued afterwards on the SSW (Institute of System Software) - both JKU.

I am working and participating within the World Wide Wide since the early 1990s.

// Navigation and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Between 1998 and 2008 I worked for the Siemens AG. I began as a project leader. Later I was responsible for the department "Navigation & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems". I developed the first 3D Navigation running in a car. I was technology leader within the electronic horizon. We developed embedded systems for premium cars e.g. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Porsche.

I worked and lived almost a year in Sophia Antipolis (Southern France - between Nice and Cannes).

Highlights within this period were the development and presentation of a fully equipped demo car on the IAA (International Motor Show) in Frankfurt/Germany. We presented the demo car afterwards near Paris at the historic site of Rambouillet.

It is fascinating for me, that the embedded systems we presented more than 10 years ago, nowadays are becoming part of almost every car.

// Running my own Business

In 2008 I quit automotive business and founded my own company dealing with websites & photography.

// Becoming a Photographer

When working together with Siemens CC (Cooperate Communication) for our road shows I got more and more involved into the field of presenting products by using diverse media.

Due to my technical studies I had a lack of knowledge in those areas. Therefore I began a college for photography - the "Prague Photographic College" in Upper Austria. This college is very unique due to its broad variety of lectures. Many of them dealing with typography, graphic design or presentation. 

I finished the college with a diploma in 2013. During my diploma thesis I wrote a book about "Agile Photography". Within this book I transferred the agile process SCRUM (which is state-of-the-art within computer science) onto the workflow of creative people.

Since 2011 I am holding lectures on the "Prague Photographic College" dealing with the photographic workflow.

// (Interactive) Story Telling

I learned telling a story of complex technical products when working together with Siemens Cooperate Communication.

Story telling is nowadays important for me when doing websites. 

Additional I like it to tell a story be means of photographic images. This can be single images or more complex essays. Here especially I am doing research in applying concepts of linear and non-linear narratives to photo essays. If you are interested in exchanging knowhow in this area please send me a notice.

The static of photobooks and exhibitions got more and more a limitation in the past years. Currently I am doing research on the next step of photo essays, photobooks and exhibitions by means of interactive story telling.

// Private

I am engaged in helping refugees which came to Austria. We created a local NGO which supports people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Irak, Iran & Somalia in integrational topics (e.g. language courses, common activities).

Nice food and good music are constants in my life during the past 30 years. 

I produced with some friends the CD "What About You" and was the bass-man in the band "Beta Version". Nowadays I am a passionate listener of jazz & classic music. Sometimes I love it to DJ-ing for selected events. My basses I gave to my nephews which use them in their own bands.

I love it to create nice food by reducing a few ingredients of high quality to maximal taste. This pattern applying to my products characterizes my work.